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EngageDirect gives marketing and sales teams an immediate intelligence into target, topic and domain. 

Lead Generation

B2B marketing has changed, and ABM is not for everyone. EngageDirect helps your company evolve from sequential lead-passing to automatic intent-driven intelligent prospecting.

  • Direct interact with over 7 million+ US-based executive directory
  • Deliver most accurate lead workflow for marketing campaigns
  • Automate de-duplication for multi-touch marketing lead conversation

Micro-Targeting Operations

EngageDirect streamlines the fragmented marketing data stored in leads, CRM, and marketing automation to provide a consistent view of accounts, people, and intent-based topics. We help:

  • Target the right people at the right accounts with trending topics
  • Run parallel marketing outreach with lead aggregation
  • Stay on the top of marketing events, social influencing, and news
  • Monitor early-stage account progression from Hubspot App

Website Personalization

Increase your conversion and engagement by providing a single pane into top influencers with account-based experience.

  • Target the right Call-To-Action (CTA) to the right prospects
  • Triangulate social profile, job board, corporate budgets for micro-targeting score
  • Understand your prospects with data engine for cost-efficient marketing excellence

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