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14 day free trial – no credit card required



For individuals or startups evalute engagement solution. 


per month


For professionals want  instant lead filters by titles, industries, locations...


per month


For organizations need to prospect per domains,  budgets etc.  


per month

Contacts 10 500 3000
Integrated Hubspot Workflow
Unlimited Filter and Segment
Company Domain Lookup
Bulk Domain Upload
90 Day History
Onboarding and support
Dedicated Success Manager
Intent-Driven Topic
Dedicated Success Manager
Custom Account Enrichment on Buying Directives and Filters
Hubspot Prospect Automation into Micro-Targeting Engagement (MTE)
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EngageDirect FAQ

How does EngageDirect Free Trial work?

You can experience the full feature services to build and identify your target influencers through registration process. The monthly limit for the Free Trials is 10 contacts per domain.

Does EngageDirect work in my country?

EngageDirect targets US and UK based enterprises. You can use the free trial for validation.

Is your dataset GDPR compliant?

EngageDirect uses searching algorithms over internets on prospects for topics, budgets and profiles. All emails are validated through AI engine for instant outreach. You will need to get GDPR within your email campaign for user's acknowledgement. EngageDirect is not responsible on how you use the data.

Am I entitled for new feature updates through the subscription?

EngageDirect is a subscription-based service software and you are automatically and always using the latest features on the subscription tier. You will be able to upgrade or downgrade from different package tiers. There is no refund if change the package during the subscription month.

Can I upload a domain list in CSV format?

Yes, you can narrow it down to the list of domains for your target search within the management console.

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